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Studio Hire Booking Calendar
Booking the studio is easy! Using the calendar below, bookings and payments can be made in one clear process.
By making a booking you consent to abide by our Terms & Conditions.
Please ensure you have read these before making a payment.

If you have any problems with the booking calendar please let us knowThe Admin Android

Please Note:

  • Your booking will only be provisional until the fee is paid (as detailed in our Terms & Conditions).
    Until the fee is paid we cannot guarantee your time slot as it is possible your booking can be overridden if someone makes the same booking and pays the fee.
  • We ask for details of the shoot in the final screen before payment of the booking process.
    If you have any special requirements, privacy requirements, or the shoot details significantly change between booking and hire, please contact us by email or phone.
  • Minimum hire is two hours, but the booking system has options for single hour bookings.
    These should only be used to create a booking that crosses from regular hours to out-of-hours hours, or vice versa. In these cases, two individual bookings will need to be made, one for the regular portion and one for the out of hours portion. We apologise for the inconvenience.
  • Payments should be made via Paypal at time of booking. This is now integrated into the booking calendar: select “Checkout with PayPal” on the booking screen.
    If you do not have a Paypal account, it is still possible to pay with a credit or debit card without registering on Paypal (look for “Don’t have a PayPal account?” on the left of the secure payment screen). If you’d rather pay with another method, please contact the studio during working hours to arrange this.
  • Booking requires either a Facebook account, a Google/Gmail account, or an account with Appointy (our booking calendar provider) which can be created during the booking process. If this is unsuitable, we would be happy to take your booking by phone during office hours.
  • The time slot selected is the start time of your hire.  This means time slots reflect our opening hours: eg the latest a 2 hour hire can start is 6pm in order to finish by our 8pm closing time.  If a time slot is unavailable it may still be viable for a shorter hire: choose a different duration from the drop down menu to check this
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Lighting Design & Advice

All visitors to the studio are given a free tutorial on the operation of the studio lights on their first visit, to help you get to grips with the equipment.
If you are looking for something more in depth we offer a number of services to help you get the most from your studio hire.

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